pc crashes when i play games

i built a new gaming rig in April of 2013. i have a sapphire radeon hd 7950 graphics card, asrock z77 extreme 4, intel i5 cpu, 250 gb ssd, 2 tb hard drives,16 gb of ram and a shit ton of cooling fans total coast was about 2000$. when ever i play agme after 5- 10 mins my screen goes black and sound glitches out meaning that it has just crashed. WHY IS IT CRASHING. i have updated my drivers, reapplied thermal paste, even went to the extent of reinstalling os, the computer isnt even hot when it shuts down.
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    update the bios to the latest version, provided by asrock.
  2. Install HWmonitor and or core temp and check your temperatures.

    Have you run any tests on your RAM?

    What wattage/brand is your power supply?
  3. im having the same problem i also update my bios to the latest and nothing i thinking is my psu i have a inwin 650w green me i new some help! my rig : i5 4670k 4.2 ghz nice and cool with corsair h75, gigabyte z87x hd3, 8GB corsair vengence pro 1600, 120 GB samgsum 840 evo and gtx 760 (sc)
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