Network wont identify on a single computer in the house

Hey guys, for a couple of days now my wireless signal strength on my desktop has been the sign for an Ethernet cable plugged into the pc even though there is no Ethernet cable, this then turned into a red cross over the signal strength bars. through this i have still been able to access the internet even though it stated that i was not connected and connections were available. but today, i came on the pc and found the network was now labelled a publi network with limited access an i can no longer access the internet. After many hours of scouring the internet i looked at the ipconfig, everything is there apart from the default gateway. Im not sure whether its a problem with my network adapter or my modem. Thanks in advance, Hazzo
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  1. try to connect wired on your modem .
  2. im unable to do that, theres no place to put it in the room where the modem is
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    open the network setting and reset your network to private do not connect to the net but do a full virus scan on al the system even the restore point and archive .
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