crossfire 7870 ghz vs r9 280x vs gtx 770

Still confused on what to do next. What would you guys recommend for 1080p gaming on games like bf4 and games to come?
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  1. Go for Sapphire's R280X TOXIC. Top choice
  2. CrossFire and SLI do not do well in all circumstances, leaving you with the performance of only a single card. You are better off with a more powerful, single R9 280x as Gate9er mentioned.
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    I have a 7870 with a 8350 OC'd to 4.76ghz and I can play BF4 max at 1080p and it plays at 40-70+FPS. I'm saving up for two more monitors for 5760x1080p I'll post results then but my intent is to xfire my 7870
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