X79 vs Z87?

Hi guys, I am determined to build a high end gaming system inside a BitFenix Prodigy M or ITX version and I was wondering what would be the better option for future upgrade-ability. A) BitFenix Prodigy ITX, Maximus VI Impact, 4770K. B) BitFenix Prodigy M, 4820K, Rampage IV Gene. The money factor is kind of important to me as I will be able to get a 780 with the Impact but not with the Rampage Gene. I really need help deciding what machine is better off for me. Thanks.
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  1. Get Z87 it will support the upcoming Broadwell CPU.
    X79 supports more cores, but it's will get replaced soon
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    if your going to run one or two gpu then the z87 chipset is fine. whe nyou go to use two or more gpu and a after market sound card..your better off using the x79 chipset due to more pci lanes. the z87 chipset has build in pci 3.0 and sata port and usb 3.0 as part of the intel chipset. the x79 chipset does not.
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