How fast can my rig run total war rome II?

Before I buy the game I just want to check and see how well I can run it. My specs:

Motherboard: 760-P34(FX)
CPU: AMD FX-6300
CPU Cooler: Some horrible thermaltake piece of crap(in other words, I can't overclock my CPU for shit, not to mention the fuss the MoBo would also have with that, since it's also junk).
Graphics Card: AMD r9 280x Gigabyte Windforce model
PSU: Corsair CX600

Is it possible I could run at 60 fps max settings? I realize it's a CPU intensive game, and that's why i'm worried, since i'm using a AMD processor and it's only 3.5 GHz with no OC options. If I can't do max settings, how low will I have to go?
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  1. It might run on either high or max settings. Your computer seems over the recommended requirements so that is good.
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    My Gt440 with i3 3220 and 4gb ram was running it at mid low settings at 1366*768
    Some things like shadow was at low,texture quality at High
    and i was getting average fps between 40-60fps
    accordingly you could run it at high settings (maximum)
    at Full HD resolution
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