my pc keeps freezing on everything! but if I keep moving my mouse it unfreezes?

Hi, I am having a problem with my pc freezing up. When I move my mouse around it stops. Even now ,when I stopped typing it froze up, the curser just stopped blinking until I moved it around? Can you help me? Thank you, Deb
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  1. deb...boot into windows safe mode with network support. see if the error still there. if it is run hdtune check your hard drive smart info under the health tab see if there any warning. if there none there try runing hitman pro and malware scan to rule out virus or malware. if your system is clean. download and make a memtest boot disk and see if your ram has a bad spot on it.
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    I agree with Memtest.

    You can also use the Windows Memory Diagnostic utility which you can just start and reboot. It will just show that you have a hardware error though. I prefer memtest because if you run it for a few hours and the SAME error keeps popping up it's a safe bet it's the memory and not your motherboard whereas the Windows version is too vague.

    If you DO show errors:
    1. Make sure BIOS is up to date
    2. Set both CPU and MEMORY (RAM) to default/stock settings.
    3. retest if you changed anything.

    If memory has errors at default settings you'll need to RMA it.
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