Can't install MSI motherboard drivers from CD

Ok guys so I just built a computer with the 970A-G43 MSI motherboard and Windows 8.1. After Windows is done with setup I go to install motherboard drivers, but when I put in the MSI driver disk it won't let me install any of the drivers. They are "greyed" out, the only things it will let me install are some utilities. Windows 8 found generic drivers for everything, but I have an SSD and I want the storage drivers specific to this board so it can perform to it's fullest. I tried using MSI live update, no chipset, storage, or USB drivers were found. I looked on their website and couldn't find it either. Anyone know what's going on here?

P.S. I'm also having an intermittent laggy mouse problem with my Logitech M510, tried updating the drivers but didn't help. Could this be an issue with generic USB controller drivers?
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  1. browse the cd dont run the msi set up it made for windows 7.
    under drivers there should be amd chipset drivers set up.
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  3. run MEMTEST as well

    At least one full pass (30 to 40 minutes for 8GB of DDR3).
  4. Thanks guys, I believe I know what the problem with the mouse is now. I'm 99% sure it's from USB 3.0 interference. As for the drivers I really appreciate the links!
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