Serious Help Required Hardware and Software/ Loading operating system after Bios

Okay this Started with Frozen Screen and Frozen Audio which was very annoying.
Nothing helped so i had to Restart my computer and in 4 Days i Reatarted my computer like 10 times.
It was frequent Earlier but now it was happening every time i started my computer.
So i figured might be memory isuue so Defragmented memory and tried to wipe it too.
I scheduled a Chkdsk which was taking too long for the 5th step one with 65000+ indexes.
So i Restarted in between and i was stuck in a loop i could not skip Chkdsk it gave me like 1s to press any key.
This one time it skipped and i was back on my Desktop working fine then computer restarted
and i tried to go to Safe mode but couldnt.
So i made a Bootable Usb and installed Windows 7.
It went perfectly.
But after last Restart
after BIOS it says
I reinstalled windows from DVD same thing happened.
I took the cell out of Motherboard for a while and put it back again tried same thing.
So i bought Hirens Boot Cd from a friend so as to Repair my HDD.
Now my Mouse keyboars and DVD as well not responding.
Keyboard lights and mouse lights are off.
Dvd caN open and close but if i put windows dvd in it.
It doesnt boot
Help please!!!

Here is my config

GA H67M D2 B3
Intel i5 2500 SANDYBRIDGE WITH HD2000
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  1. Your problem might actually be the power supply. I had similar freeze issues on an AMD based machine recently and tried lots of different things and eventually when i changed the power supply the problem went away. So if you have a 2nd PSU to try with, i would recommend trying that.
  2. Ahh actually i'm kind of stuck right now!
    Mouse Keyboard and Dvd are not working so i cant Enter Bios Settings niether can i reinstall OS!
    Any solution for this?
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