which graphic card should i use for playing games like crysis 3 , battlefield 3 and 4 and etc like .

my pc spec are
Intel i3 processor 3.2gh
Ram 4gb
Hdd 500 gb
My motherboard is asus p8 h61-m lx3 r2.0
Moniter size is 20inch 1600*900
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    those are pretty heavy cpu demanding games so you will not get the best possible gaming experience with your i3 but you can buy amd 270x but that also depends on what power supply do you have and if it has enough amps on 12V rail and decent build quality...
  2. We have the same motherboard.. ;)
    The 7850, GTX 660, 7850 or the R9 270X should be good enough since the PS4 uses the 7850 (slightly tweaked) and the Xbox One uses a 7790.
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