Sapphire 280x toxic vs 290x?

Would the toxic come close to the 290x?
The 290x as we know has poor cooling,
and the 280x toxic is well OC'd, has good cooling and can be OC some more.

What do you think?
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    If you ask about performance, yes a R9 290X is much faster than the best R9 280X out there. 290x is a new GPU and AMD's fastest single GPU for now. 280x is in fact a HD 7970 Ghz edition card which is rebranded, so this is relatively old. For comparison, 290X is faster than a GTX 780 and many times it will perform toe to toe with GTX 780 Ti. Infact it is perhaps better price/performance if you consider R9 290 (non X). That card is in the same league with the X but costs $150 less.
  2. I would wait for better non reference coolers on the AMD R9 290 series though as they throttle back on performance when they reach a certain temperature . They are both good cards though. Personally I will be getting an AMD 280x. I am hopeful that AMD Mantle will be good for the AMD cards.
    I'm sure you'll have fun whatever you choose:)
  3. ok thanks a lot guys :)
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