will my cpu cause a Bad Bottleneck ? do i really need to upgrade ?

hey guys , i just want to play game on highest graphic with 1080p and some AA (like 4xmsaa)
and my system spec is :

Vga : GTX 770 SLI
CPU : core i7 950 @3.9 Ghz
win 8.1 , RAM 6Gb 2000Mhz

so do i need better cpu ? or i can play games like metro last light or crysis 3 on highest setting with no problem ?
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    should not be bottlenecking but you may want to upgrade to 8gb ram instead of 6gb as in the future games will start to take up more than 4gb as the next gen consoles have 8gb
  2. you will be fine for sure.
  3. I would think a single GTX 770 would handle just about any game @ ultra on 1080p A 770 is overkill for 1080p.

    I've seen 660tis and 7950s completely max out many many games at 1080p
  4. no reason to change the cpu!
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