Permissions are bothering me so much!

Hi, i'm trying to update X-plane 10 and it gives me an error because it can't write a file in the install folder. it says that i may not have access to it. I noticed that when i go to that folder, like other folders on the c: drive, if i right click > new, i can just create folders, not files.
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    Where is the X-Plane 10 folder located? Did you right click the update and select Run As Administrator?
  2. mmmh... running ad admin... how did i not think about that! that shoud work. is there a way to set everything on full control? so if i do something permission popups will never appear. the uac is already off
  3. Those permission popups appear regardless of the UAC setting depending on what folder is involved. You still need to confirm any manual file operations in folders like the root Windows directory, or in the system32 folder underneath the Windows folder. I believe it also applies to anything in Program Files and Program Files (x86) as well. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do about them.
  4. ok, by the way running as admin worked! thanks
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