Wifi keeps switching from router to range extender and back all time

Hi I have a an apprtment which needs wifi range extender to get full coverage throughout the place. It's not very big but the way it's built requires that and at the same time in many places the signal cleary overlaps (practically all around the place - even the room with range extender has still week signal from router, which is natural as range extender needs to pickup this signal to work).
The problem is:
my Android devices keep on switching from router to RE all the time and practically you cannot use internet on them (especially streaming stuff like YouTube etc.). They just can stick to one device even in room where this device has full coverage and other is very week.
Windows devices do not seem to be so affected by this problem that much.
I tried using best WiFi app but it did no good, i guess it's problem with protocol implementation on Android, but can anything be done about it? Any of you had same problems and resolved them?
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    This is a known issue with some android. This is also a issue but in the reverse for some PC since a PC never switches until the signal is totally unusable.
    There are aps that are suppose to fix this but it seem hit or miss if they work.

    They key problem are all the so called range extenders on the market that took the cheapest way to implement. They use the same radio to transmit and receive which in addition slowing things down they cause a lot of interference which appears as poor signal quality. The better devices use 2 radios one to talk to the main router and a second to talk to the clients. They main advantage here is you can place them on different channels and even different SSID. The different SSID prevents the hopping around or allows you manually select the signal you really want.

    Not real sure why some android devices do this and other do not when they are on the same software release of android. It isn't even all the devices from one manufacture. Some do it and other do not but are support to be on the same code level. I know we had a ATT samsung device that did this all the time and it magically went away when ATT pushed a code update...there is nothing in the patch notes to indicate what if anything they fixed.

    I tend to never use a wireless repeater and if I do I always use one that has the ability to keep the signals on different channels. When you are shopping for "range extenders" the clues that it is using the "cheap" solution is that it requires the SSID and channels to match between the main router and the repeater.
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