What do I need to water cool 2GPU + CPU unit

Hello, I have 2 R9 290x in crossfire, that I would like to water cool. I have just once water cool, only the CPU, but never water cool 2 GPU. I would like to know what I need to buy to create a water cooling Loop for both my GPU and my CPU.
I have read many guides on water-cooling but all are too complexes. I know that I will need 2 Water block for GPU + CPU.
My problem come when I need to buy:
-Radiator -> Which is the min require for my loop, how I get a fan and fix it with the radiator.
-Pump -> What pump can power 2gpu with a PSU? is the Swiftech MCP355 enough?
-Reservoir -> I saw that in many loop there is one to take out the remaining air... guess will need one of them.
-Bridge -> Do I need one, as i have 2 GPU in the loop?
-Fillings -> I guess any recommended filling will do
-Fitting and Tubings -> I have no idea how the loop has to look like? so I don't know how much length of tube I need to buy.
-How to create the loop? -> "Pump>CPU>Bridge>both GPU>Radiator>Reservoir" is the loop like that? Will this be good? I have no idea.
-How to I power all the Water-coolant equipment, how do I supply them the energy they need to work, where do I put the cables in my Mother board.

If I can get a nice temperature out of this I would like to be able to overclock my CPU from 3.3ghz to 4ghz, and my 2 GPU from 1000mhz to 1100mhz.

Thank for helping me.

I would like to be able to do it by December. I have order the 2 Graphic cards (R9 290x), did not came yet as out of stock of the UK retailer, and thus have to wait another 2 week before receiving them.
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  1. first, and the most important part, is, finding aftermarket cooling blocks for the GPU's and since the cards are just out, I'm not sure anyone is making 290x cooling blocks yet.

    As for CPU, you should be able to hit 4.0ghz on any 3.3ghz intel or amd chip with a decent air cooler, that's not a big jump. If that's your only intention, you can do that on a $30 Evo 212 99% of the time, no need for water cooling for that.
  2. 4.0 ghz is the minimum that I want, I have a i5-2500k CPU @ 3.30GHz, and will overclock it as much as I can, to get the maximum GHz for a stable temperature.
    I want specially to go on water-cooling because it will offer a good solution to the R9 290x heat problem, and will be able to safely overclock the card to 1100mhz. I saw on many website that i could get a R9 290x water cooler bloc for around £85, and will buy it as soon as out.
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