1440p surround on Duo SLI 780 Ti possible?

would surround gaming at 1440p be possible with 2 780 Ti's in SLI configuration? I'm worried it will hit the 3Gb Vram wall more than anything. I've OC'd my cards to 1264mhz stable. And I'm getting between 140 and 190fps in BF4 ultra. So if I don't hit the vram wall what kind of framerates will i see at this massive resolution increase? I am willing so sacrifice a few of the ultra settings for playable rates with this setup.
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    you wont even come close to hititng 3gb at 1440p. Ive read many reviews and Battlefield 4 at 4k barely clips the 3gb mark. You will be fine at that res with 780s in SLI for quite some time.
  2. know of any good triple 27" mounts?
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