Battlefield 3,4 Lag problem

I have some lags on games Battlefield3,4 and moh warfighter i dont know why i didn´t have any problem before.
my hw specs:
Graphic : Club3D Radeon 7950
Proc : FX-4100 3.6ghz (quad)
Power : i-tec 700W
Some people say it´s procesor problem ,some people internet.I don´t change provider ..
lag video : - I join only on EU servers with green bars.. + Sometimes aren´t any lags but sometimes too much - i have old slow router tp link -WR543G.
Speed test : - now it´s good but sometimes its like 1 +- Mbps
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  1. I dont Think that a powerful cpu as that would be the cause of the lagg, check your temp on your Components, you might need some cooler to cool it down, and, try re-install your graphic drivers.
  2. cpu have max 60 -70 temp and it dont think it´s graphic problem because this i have with old gtx 550 ti graphic
  3. yep it's 100% the CPU. it's too weak too handle that graphic's card
  4. i write this lag was with gtx 550 ti too and it´s start maybe 3 months ago when i have gtx 550 i have new graphic 1 week
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