Sapphire r9 280x Dual-x worth buying?


I'm still pondering if Sapphire's R9 280x Dual-x is worth buying. I live in the Philippines and there aren't a lot of video card selections here. The Vapor-X is always out-of-stock and would take months for sellers to re-stock. The Toxic edition ain't here yet.

I know that the 280x is the same as the not so late 7970. Some say that it is a "nerfed" version of the 7970 meaning it's core clock has been decreased(Is that true?).

So, is it really worth buying?

Please advise,
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  1. IMHO, 280x is a good buy. if you currently own a video card thats like 2 to 3 generations ago then 280x would be a good one. Im also planning to get a 280x. A card like 280x could last you for the next 2 to 3 generations of video cards. 280x is almost similar to a 7970. most say the 280x is just a rebranded 7970. performance wise, both are near to each other. however a 7970 could be a bit more pricier than a 280x

    Now if your problem is local distributor's you could check out sapphire's support page for a list of local distributors
  2. Thanks for the reply. The 280x Dual-X is clocked at 870Mgz while the 7970 stock clock is 925Mgz. Could this be a decrease in performance?
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    it really depends on what model/type of 7970 cards you are looking at. there are 7970's that do not have boost and are stuck at 925. Although there are versions of 7970 that have boost tech. 280x has boost from stock 870 to around 1030/1050. 7970's with boost reach around 1100.

    i dont see it as a decrease in performance. Once you're using a gpu with a boost tech lets say the 280x. you wont be stuck playing at 870. it will automatically scale up to 1030 as the need arises. compared to a plain 7970 without boost tech you'd be stuck at 925 all the way unless you OC it manually.

    7970's with boost tech and 280x with boost tech would have quite a difference in price with little actual performance difference.
  4. You can get a 280x already running in the GHz range. Given it is a 3 slot card. A monster of a cooler though.
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