I5 4670 - radeon 7950 or gtx760? ( For gaming )

Im building a new pc and i know someone who will asseble the parts for me , cause im a noob. Im planning on getting a i5 4670 but dont know what graphics card to get , i heard the 7950 and gtx760 are good and cheap enough . Is that a good choice cause i want to play games aswell like battlefield 4 on 1080p over 60fps , is that possible ? I dont want to spend over €300 on a gpu.I.just want to play bf4 at 1080p with over 60fps on at least high settings
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  1. You can't go wrong buying any of those. Both cards are solid performers for their price range. Get whichever of the 2 you can get cheaper. There is not much performance difference between the 2. Here is the Tom's review for GTX 760 http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-760-review-gk104,3542.html
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