P5B Premium - which Sata Controller for SSD?

Hi all,
Just wanted to get some advice,
Should i use the Jmicron controller or the standard (i guess it's intel)?
i have the SSD up and running in there already connected to port 0,
(kingston hyperx 3k sata3)
no other sata devices
i disabled the jmicron in bios even tho i had it enabled during windows installation...
runs either way...
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    Hey yanis,

    Checking the specs on that board, it doesn't matter either way. Both the Intel and the JMicron controller provide SATA 3Gbps ports, so you likely won't see any performance difference between the two. The only other variable would be the drivers needed for them, so I would lean more towards using the Intel controller, but it's up to you.
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