Overclocked phenom II x4 955 BE with a GTX 760 Or 770

Hello... i'm new here :) . and i just wanted to ask if my phenom ii x4 955 BE @ 4.0Ghz can handle the GTX 760 / 770 ... and about the bottleneck .... will it be huge...? or it will be a little bottleneck?
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  1. Huge would probably be an understatement. I mean, when the Phenoms came along, they were running 4000 series or GeForce 200 series cards. 8 GB Ram was kind of a big deal around that time frame. I'd recommend upgrading your CPU before any upgrade with these newer cards.
  2. Yes there will be a bottleneck.
  3. thanks alot u two .... but i want to know something.... will the bottleneck be so bad... that most of the recent games won't be playable ? and if it's a bad bottleneck .. do I have to upgrade my cpu to something like FX-8350 ? or what ?
  4. If you're on an AM3+ board, go ahead and upgrade the chip. And it doesn't necessarily have to be the 8350 to handle the GTX 700 series.

    Most games are currently playable with the 955. Not every game is like BF4 right now. I'd say you're probably in the recommended range for most games still.

    Which GPU do you have currently?
  5. amd phenom ii x4 955 is enough for any game. i own 965 with 550ti. and on monitor 1920x1080 it runs most 2010-2012 games with arround 45-60 fps. the cpu rarely comes to its limit.
  6. thanks for your answers :) and my board is AM3+( Gigabyte 970A-D3 ) don't really know if it's a good MB or not :( ... my currently GPU is hd 7770 Ghz edition.
    so i can run gtx 760 on the phenom 955 @ 4.0Ghz with no prob ? and upgrade it later.. ?
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    760 shouldnt be an issue for an Oc'd x4. the 770 maybe ull lose from fps but ur board does take fx cpus but a cheap solution would be the 6300 and an OC and all u gain there is rlly two extra cores and slightly better performance from the piledriver cores. It really matters on the games u want to play as more modern games run better off either faster cores or more cores.

    My friends 1090t x6 at stock ran his 670 no prob, the 760 basically being a 670 and ur x4 is overclocked should be similar to a stock x6 other than the cores lol.

    If ur gonna upgrade ur cpu later than id go for the 770 now and deal with the bottleneck until then, anyway the performance gains from the 7770 to a 770/760 u wont even realize the bottleneck.
  8. Okay :D thanks alot :) i think i will go for the GTX 770 and upgrade the Cpu later ...
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