Internet speed woes, need help

Hello, I am on a wireless connection and normally my speeds are about 30Mbps down and 50Mbps up. After about 5 to 10 minutes my speeds go down to less than 1Mbps up and down. And if I reset my wireless adapter it is back to normal for a little while, and then back into the viscous cycle that is ruining my online gaming. What is the problem? And what can I do to fix it?


Wireless adapter: Hawking HWUN4 Hi-Gain Wireless adapter

Windows 8.1 used for connection benchmarks
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  1. check on there could be someone around that use the same channel as you since this transmit and receive in the 2.4 band could be also another wireless device around your system did you try in another place in the home.the other thing since it plug in usb test her on one of the front panel ports .
  2. I switched it to the motherboard port, hasn't acted up yet, we'll wait and see
  3. another thing you could check if the router is not on top of the desk or on a shelf that reduce the signal power try to have a direct signal between both .
  4. Yeah I'm in a dorm so it isn't direct, but that is why I had to get a hueg antenna adapter
  5. could it be that there is to many people that connect ot the service and system could not handle and drop speed ,the other you could try if you could put a extended usb cable to the antenna to raise her higher .
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