DVI monitor to HDMI mobo output, DisplayPort, and active/passive adapters

I'm looking at getting an i5 Haswell and either a Gigabyte GA-H87-HD3 or an ASRock Z87 Pro4. But I have two DVI monitors and will be using integrated graphics so need to use the mobo's HDMI out.

I've gotten all confused, though, about adapters - passive, active, and about DisplayPort and whether these mobos support it.

Do I need an active or a passive adapter? Would one of these do the trick?
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    You do not need a DisplayPort adapter because you do not have a displayport on said motherboard. Get the HDMI to DVI adapter if you are going to use integrated graphics... I would recommend getting a separate gpu, but if you insist on integrated get the HDMI adapter.
  2. Thanks!

    Regarding a GPU, hmm... background on this is here:

    What GPU would you recommend with dual DVI? Many are way too expensive, some are too cheap to seem worth bothering with - but I do want to keep costs and noise down.
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