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ecently I had built a computer and everything was fine yet, my hard drive was making a grinding noise. I thought it might be a bad drive, so I call up the store I would be it from and I got a replacement. Then, I install the second hard drive and I still notice the hard drive was still making grinding noises. And I was just thinking about what was wrong. I'm assuming its a self error whole installation, and I'm thinking maybe I used the wrong screws. To tell you the truth, I don't even know which screws I'm using to mount this, but I'm almost positive it's the wrong kind. So, could wrong screws be the root of the hard drive making grinding noises? I've gotten many boot errors while booting up my PC, so the damage had been done, yet if I buy a new hard drive, and use correct screws I hope it wouldn't grind? So, is that the problem? Which screws are the correct kind?
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  1. I doubt it, if the screws threaded properly and you tightened them, and used at least four screws I have never had any grinding noises from hard drives in many hundreds of builds.

    I would run SMART diagnostics on the drive, it is not inconceivable that you got two bad drives in a row.
  2. I have used both Adanced System Care and WinDlg and both have came back and passed the test with "no problems". Im stuck on what to do, I just fear its a error sometime as when im installing it, and i dont want to waste another $70+ on a new hard drive, just for this mess to happen again.
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