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Hello i have i3 540 i overclocked it to 3.77 ghz i have used the FSB to overlock
i have 4 ram 1333mhz , i checked in bios and it was on dram frequency around 985mhz is the default .
i changed it to 1333mhz is it ok? or i need to change it back?

system sepcs : gtx 660 , i3 540 , 2x4 ram kingstion 1333mhz , motherboard : P7H55-M LX

FSB : i think around 165 , the default was 133.

cpu z - Memory Picture :

is the FSB : DRAM is okay?
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    when u overclock using the fsb it effects the northbridge etc so when u change that it changes the cpus core clock, the ram freq. so to keep an overclock stable when using the fsb it is best to keep the ram freq down until u find a stable oc and then if u want attempt to raise the ram freq up to where u can get a good cpu oc and keep ram freq near stock.

    If u set the ram to 1333 with the fsb changed and everything is stable u shouldnt have any problems. My cpu is overclocked using the fsb obviously an amd cpu to ur intel but should be the same thing basically. But my 1600 ram after my oc went to like 1400, and thats the closest i can get as the next freq setting is like 1700 and it isnt stable lol

    So as long as ur Oc is in place and u stress test ur final OC then with the 1333mhz after ur oc is stable then ur should be fine

    Not sure about the intel NB freq but when i asked how to overclock my cpu i was told to keep the NB under 2500 but again thats amd
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