Cyberpower PC "Zeusbook Ultimate 100" vs ASUS ROG 17.3" Laptop

I'm currently looking to replace my old laptop. I'm a college student, looking for a 17.3 inch laptop to run some games like WoW or SWTOR and basic 3D programs, I've found two models with raving reviews. The Cyberpower PC "Zeusbook Ultimate 100" and the ASUS ROG 17.3". I've very open to suggestions but can anyone tell me if these will work for me or an idea of one that might? I'm very worried about overheating and it seems that the ASUS wins in that category.

Thank you for any help given.
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    I'd go with the Asus ROG laptop, they are designed w/ gamers in mind so are also great for any apps especially higher end stuff like for imaging, video work, etc
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