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I have a GeForce GTS 250 and a crappy 480 watt psu that came with my Logisys case. And AMD FX 6300 can I put the Graphics card in or will it blow my psu?
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  1. You can run with this GPU even with a low quality 480watt PSU but the GPU is slow for high details and fps in new games.
  2. Best answer according to this gts 250 GPU has a minimum of 450W but if your PSU is that crappy as you say I don't know if it reaches the maximum capacity or even 450W.
    Also I did not understood the question need to put the GTS 250 to your system? If yes , I really don't know man. It's like working on the edge for the reason I listed above, but I guess you can...
  3. its enough as long as you don't many HDD installed in your system...
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