Unable to bring up the SATA Controler BIOS Utility on ASUS P9x79-e ws for Intel or Marvell SATA ports

I am using an ASUS P9x79-E WS MOBO and I have updated it's BIOS using the USB Flash update to it's newest BIOS (v.1301) as the MOBO would not POST with the shipped BIOS as it was not compatible with my i7 4960 CPU. After what appeared to be successfully updating the MOBO BIOS the MOBO initiates POST. I am able to bring up the ASUS BIOS Utility with Del or F2. I have one Samsung EVO 1TB SSD drive connected to the Intel SATA port and 3 Samsung EVO 1TB SSDs connected to the 6gb/s Marvell SATA ports. The SSD's conneccted to the Intel SATA ports are apparently recognized and listed in the ASUS BIOS Utility but the three SSDs connected to the Marvell ports do not show. During POST I am UNABLE to bring up the Marvell BIOS Utility with CTRL+M and I am also UNABLE to bring up the Intel SATA controller utility with CTRL+I. I have not yet attempted to install the OS on the SSD connected to the Intel SATA port recognized in the BIOS utility as I would like to first know that the MOBO and both the Intel and Marvell SATA controllers are fully functioning. I would also like to configure a RAID on the Marvell 6gb/s ports prior to the OS installation. I have used 2 different keyboards with PS/2 connections and the system responds to all keys but I am unable to bring up anything other than the ASUS BIOS Utility (using the Del or F2 key). I have two optical drives connected to the 3gb/s Intel SATA ports and both are recognized in the BIOS utility and also functioning as they are able to read the ASUS MOBO Disk. I thought perhaps updating the MOBO BIOS using the flash update may have cleared or otherwise corrupted any BIOS utilities stored on the Intel and/or Marvell chips. This is just a theory of course. I would have assumed that updating the MOBO Bios would not affect the Intel and Marvell chipsets OR would have updated them together with the MOBO BIOS update.
I would appreciate any suggestions to get the Marvell connected SATA drives recognized and also be able to bring up the Intel (Ctrl+I) and Marvell (Ctrl+M) controller utilities to configure a RAID and confirm that the MOBO and both SATA controllers are fully functional.
Thank you.
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  1. Hi, Ctrl+I works when SATA set to RAID in BIOS. Same for the Marvell.
    Are they SSDs or HDDs?
  2. I am traveling until Wed so not in front of the system. However, i set the BIOS to RAID as well as the two other drive settings. All four drives are Samsung EVO 1TB SSD
  3. Try setting in BIOS / Boot menu
    CSM to Enabled and Secure Boot to Other OS.
    then try Ctrl+M at restart. See if working.
  4. alexoiu said:
    Hi, Ctrl+I works when SATA set to RAID in BIOS. Same for the Marvell.
    Are they SSDs or HDDs?

    alexoiu said:
    Try setting in BIOS / Boot menu
    CSM to Enabled and Secure Boot to Other OS.
    then try Ctrl+M at restart. See if working.

    CSM had been set to Enable. Changed from Windows to Other OS, Ctrl+M not bringing up Marvell BIOS, After ASUS flash page message is "Reboot and Select Proper Boot Device or Insert Boot Media" Thoughts?
  5. Let's doing it differently (setting the RAID on the Intel ports and then moving the SSDs to the Marvell).
    Connect them to the Intel SATA 2 ports, SATA set to RAID in BIOS, Ctrl+I at restart, configure the RAID array and then move them to the Marvell SATA ports (PC turned off - sorry if obvious), keeping the same order (SSD from Intel SATA 1 to Marvell SATA 1 a.s.o).
    I can't find a setting in BIOS for switching Marvell to RAID.
    See if working this way.
  6. Indirectly, i discovered the problem by trying this. When i moved the three SSDs to the Intel ports from the Marvel ports the three moved were not recognized. I found it impossible that oi would have three bad drives that just happended to be plugged into the Marvel controller. ultimately i determined that ALL three of the 6gbs SATA cables were bad and only the one plugged into the intel port was good. what are the odds! After replacing the SATA cables i now have all 4 SSDs plugged into the Marvell controller and I am able to access the Marvell Raid configuration with Ctrl+M. I also confirmed that I can access the Intel utility with Ctrl+I. Interesting conclusion is that neither the Intel or Marvell utilities are accessible with only one drive. Now that i have resolved this issue do you have any recommendatons for the optimal RAID configuration. Speed is important due to the applications i will be running. Storage is the main goal and redundancy would be a very nice to have. Any Thoughts on RAID, 0 vs. 5 vs 10 etc.? I've not even reserched what configs are supported by the Marvell.
  7. Marvell® PCIe 9230 controller :
    4 x SATA 6Gb/s port(s), white
    Support Raid 0, 1, 10
    RAID 0 - the fastest, but no redundancy. If a second backup solution available, or if loosing data not important, then go with it. If not, go with RAID 10. Take into account also the SSDs reliability.
    Check also if TRIM supported under RAID.
  8. I think i will go with Raid 10. A RAID driver disk is required for installation at time of OS install. When i boot from the MOBO DVD it gives option to create the 64bit Marvell driver but asks to insert a formatted floppy drive into drive A. since i don't have a floppy drive (it may be seeing my secnd optical drive as drive A) do you know if its possible to create the driver to a USB drive?
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    Yes, it is.
    You can use
    (add an h to the link).
    Unzip and save it on a USB drive. When asked where to install Windows, click load driver and browse for the USB drive.
    For RAID 10 you need 4 drives.
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