Windows 7 32 or 64bits ?

Hey guys, I use a Mac here and i'm gonna install windows on parallels desktop ( a virtual machine basically). My mac has 4GB of RAM and has Intel 3000 HD. Wich one of them should i choose? Ultimate 32 or ultimate 64 bits?
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  1. you would probably be better served with 32bit. 64bit is required for addressing more than 4gb of ram. the fault to 64bit is that programs tend to require more ram than their 32bit equivalent.
  2. If you have lower then 4gb ram go for 32bit but if you have more or thinking to upgrade ram go for 64-bit
  3. You should only ever install 32 bit if you have an old 16 bit application you need to run or an old device that does not have 64 bit drivers. 64 bit offers more advantages than just the ability to use more than 4GB of memory, there are hardware portions that can be taken advantage of when running 64 bit applications that 32 bit applications cannot. Unless you have a specific reason you need a 32 bit OS you should install the 64 bit option, partially just to help kill off the 32 bit OSes out there to speed up progress. Your Mac OS X is a 64 bit OS already.
  4. K, so I'll install 32 bits right? As I'm not gonna update my RAM memory as it is not in my plans for at least 2 more years ^^
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    personally i would go with 32bit. i dont think wanting to be rid of 32bit operating systems is any reason to not use one

    in the end, either would be fine though. compatibility issues with 64bit operating systems are long gone. i also doubt you will be using anything 16bit
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