Random black screen crash

So I have decided to post this here since I have reached my wits end on my issue I'm having. It began with random black screens (occasional gpu fans maxed out) while gaming (most in WoW, other's seemed to do fine).

I recently have been having it happen completely randomly while browsing now. I have no startup issues, BIOS, which is updated, gives no errors (Asrock z68 extreme 3 gen3) and windows boots fine. I have tested PSU with multimeter and it came out fine. I bought a new GPU thinking that was the problem and it did it again withing 2 hours so I returned that, no overclocks at all. I have tested all my RAM on memtest and run WoW with one stick in each and still crashed. I have backed up drivers about 6 different times with same results. Temps are all ok, CPU never hits near 50, GPU maxes at about 65 (75 on Furmark when it passes).

Every forum I have read where someone said "thats it" has not been it on mine. My only other thought is that it's mobo but I figured I would have boot issues or blue screens. It has started the last few days doing it while searching the net for answers. It almost seems like it's fine when I first start the computer but gets worse the longer it's on.

I'm just desperately searching for anything to point me in the right direction, Thanks!
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    Basically i would say motherboard or psu. For the random crashes. If you have or can borrow another PSU that would be the easiest way to see if it still happens. Even if the measurements seem fine the PSU could start working differently when it heats up and when the power draw is heavy then fail.

    But motherboard is just as possible, having problems with power distribution, heatsinks or capasitors.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I will go pick up a new PSU tomorrow to try it out. At least I can return it like the GPU if the problem persists and move to motherboard.
  3. One more quick follow-up. I ordered a new PSU and motherboard so I am waiting for them to arrive. The motherboard will likely arrive before the PSU. Should I wait to try the new PSU first anyway, does it matter which one I try first, and finally... since it's a 2 year old build should I just bite it and put both in new at the same time and go with new hardware?
  4. Did you check your HDD?
  5. I used seatools and ran all the tests on it and they passed. I also have run the checkdisk programs as well with no errors. I am ALL for ideas though that I may have overlooked, there are probably a thousand people on here better at this than me.
  6. Still no freezing, hope it won't come back :D
    Just found this article, seems it's driver problem
  7. Hi i have the exact same issue it started since i updated the motherboard bios did u ever get this issue sorted i dont want to flush the bios i heard its risky id really appreciate it if u found out the answer to this and would share
  8. Ps i have amd and have tryed all different drivers
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