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if i upgrade to windows 8.1 from the store will that destroy my current uefi boot system?if yes how should i proceed
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    Shouldn't touch that during the 8.1 upgrade.
  2. just so i understand ,if i go on with my upgrade through store the uefi setup will stay as is with no problems that is what your saying ?
  3. Right. The upgrade should not need to modify anything in the boot loader and can't modify any BIOS options.
  4. ill go on ahead and come back to close and pick solu thnx for your info and patience(:P)this difficult time both metaphoricaly and literaly:D
  5. does it matter if i have formated my partition on which i plan to install uefi boot as an mbr or not or if its selectable means it will work on that partition?
    i ask because
  6. Nope. Doesn't matter. UEFI supports booting from both GPT partitions, as well as MBR partitions. The upgrade will also not change any of those properties in either the BIOS/UEFI interface, or the drive you are booting from.
  7. ok all is good and restored now i only need to find a vbios for my card and unfortunatly i chose the only one trademarked by the company that will not release any uefi gop vbios!one more question though how come the configuration in uefi for the hdds is on raid mode when i havent configured any raid i do how ever have partitions
  8. RAID may have been the default setting from the manufacturer. The controller can be in RAID mode without having any RAID arrays configured.
  9. i must have since it wont boot on ide at all,anyway thnx for your help couldnt use ultra fast though,one question my vbios was bricked had to switch to the second bios of teh gpu did that cause the inability to boot i had my first boot choice was by default a windows boot manager and sometimes it hanged and said no valid boot system is on any media connected everything was checked but was strange must have been teh bricked bios before i switched it..
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