asus sabertooth 990fx wont post. dram led on

I have a asus crosshair v formula z that wont boot up anymore. it gives code 50. i bought a new asus sabertooth and it wont post either. dram led is on. i have tried 3 other ram sticks and no luck.
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  1. Have you checked the CPU for bent/broken pins?
  2. The CPU was working fine before on my asus v crosshair formula z. Reason I bought another board was because I came home to a black screen. When I tried to restart no go. It gave code 50. Did everything I could to diagnose it. New mobo is giving me dram led code now
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    Try reseating the DRAM and if you can find one - may want to try a different PSU - if same as on other mobo - the PSU may be headed south :(
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