CPU Cooler (AMD3+ 8350fx)

I'm in need of a decent heat sink for a AMD 8350fx. The stock cooler just doesn't do the job. I do a lot of motion graphics which is impossible to do with this stock cooler. Temperatures rise above 70 and my system shuts down.

With games it handles it no problem but with cinema 4d utilising all 8 cores the temps go crazy.

Been looking at these 2, looking to spend £35 max.


Which of the two is better or if you can recommend one please do, and also It needs to be fairly quiet even at high RPM.

cheers for any info.
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  1. Both are quiet, Arctic is probably slightly better at low noise, however the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is everyone's favorite and only a little more money, $35ish. The 212 can accommodate a 2nd fan if you decide you want things even cooler after you own it a while! I use a 2nd extremely quiet Artic 120mm fan ( Can't hear either... ever ) on a Thermalright True Spirit (nearly identical to 212Evo) on an 8350, but for less money the 212 Evo is just as good. My idle temp is 29C, Max load will not exceed 54C even in a hot 80F+ room.
  2. Cheers avjguy I'll go with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 :)
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