Does Razer Carcharias work with sound cards?

My x12 headset recently died out and so i wanted to get a new one. My budget was below $90, i found a headset called Razer Carcharias and its now onsale on for 70 bucks. I read around the web and heard some pretty good reviews about it but some weren't so good. Since Razer Carcharias doesn't have surround sound i decide to get a soundcard too, but the problem is that, will soundcard work with Carcharias even though it has a usb plug? If you know any better headsets feel free to post the link. Also if you are able to look for a good soundcard for around 30 please link that to me too. Thanks for reading
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    For a sound-card to work you need to plug your headphone/speakers into it. For PC connectivity it should have 3.5mm jacks, the USB plug is for connecting to consoles.

    EDIT: Simple answer is yes, using an old Carcharias with a ASUS Xonar DGX sound card here, works great because of the headphone amp.
  2. Thanks, i appreciate your help :D
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