Monitor flicker every few minutes after building new PC.

My newly built computer creates a 'flicker' on my monitor once in a while. Usually about every 15 mins, not super often, but often enough for it to be irritating. Not at a regular frequency, it seems to be random and not onset by any action that I can understand. When it does flicker, it flickers only once and then the screen is back to normal again.

-I'm using a monitor that has no such problem when using it with another computer.

-I've tried both HDMI and DVI cables to eliminate if one of the cables is bad.

My specs are the following:

ASUS Z87-Pro
i5 4670K
Corsair Vengeance Blue 2x8GB
XFX 650W
ASUS R9 270X
Windows 8.1

I've searched for a resolution but I haven't found anything that relates to my issue with the given setup I have. If anyone has any advice or steps to attempt to solve this problem please help! - See more at:
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    If your monitor works fine on other computers, then it's definitely something with this particular computer, and it can only be the graphics card because that's the only other input for the monitor besides power. When did this flickering begin? Try using a different graphics card for a while and see if you can confirm the problem area.
  2. check if the fan cable is not touching the fan also what is the refresh rate you put in you could also check the video cable with another one .
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