Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, etc etc etc.... Rant

Please pardon the intrusion but I had to finally rant, somewhere.

God damnit I hate Windows.

Having worked with and in telecom since 1979, by far Windows has provided the worst experiences, ever. Whenever I get a call asking for help, 9.8 times out of 10 it is about Windows. The list of hours I have had to put in fixing Windows problems, Windows illogic, Windows failures, WIndows breakages, is legion. But let me write about my latest rant.

An 86 year old man, highly technical in his day but mental facilities are slowing, yet still strong, has acquired a Windows 8 machine. A goddamn mess. I do not use Windows. Stay as far away from it as possible. But helping this man transition from Win 7 to Win 8 has exposed me to the cluster f**k that is, WIn 8.

Migrating data from Win 7 to Win 8.... hours. Migrating across Linux the same type of data... minutes.

Point 2. Why in the bloody hell does anyone think changing the default appearance without providing the ability in a few clicks, and making it obvious... is sane? It is not. Ubuntu did this recently and it was a similar mess. Give the user a familiar navigation for god's sakes. And easy to get to. Relearning navigation for an 86 year old man or anyone for that matter is insane.

Upgrades broke the bloody hell out of the machine. I had to spend hours trying to figure out why the god damned drivers broke into pieces when the system upgraded. An 86 year old person should never, ever be exposed to such torture. The engineers who manage the logic not to mention the upgrade paths should be drawn and quartered for the beyond poor upgrade paths. There is far more to this episode but will leave it at that. Tho I find the logic and upgrade completeness beyond mediocre. Always have.

Solitaire. Yeah, so what. Except after all the upgrading and failures, and breaking and repairs ON A NEW MACHINE and f**ked up navigation and relearning... the 86 year old gent asked that he have Solitaire. I then find you can't. Not without subscribing to Xbox and jumping through more hoops to, well... screw the explanation. More insane logic on the part of MS. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

I could go on, and on, and on. Thank you for letting me rant. I suspect this will be removed but I had to write something somewhere. It goes without question MS has created many many jobs and applications for people, to fix, to overcome, to repair, to make work... their crappy OS. Way back when, when IBM was looking for an OS and was on the cusp of choosing CPM but chose what became MS... the world was worse off. It has been a never ending crap shoot with WIndows. Which is why I made my way with Linux and never ever ever have the problems that WIndows users have. Ever.

So to end this rant, I reinstalled Win 7 to put the 86 year old gent back into at least some familiarity. And I am doing this UNDER Linux via a Virtual machine so I can avoid for the umpteenth time reinstalling Windows when, not if, but when it breaks.

I hate windows. I hate windows for what it does to folks like this 86 year old man who just wants to get on. Oh... the reason for going to WIndows 8? Easy. His Windows 7 laptop had been degrading for months and it was time to get a new machine, that came with Windows 8. The best solution was to install Linux, run a Virtual machine using Win 7, and get the gent back to what he was used to.

So beg my pardon. I had to unload. I hate windows.

/off rant
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  1. So why did you/he upgrade/change to Windows 8? No one forced that change.
  2. I think he said the new machine came with windows 8.
  3. USAFRet said:
    So why did you/he upgrade/change to Windows 8? No one forced that change.

    I know it was a too long rant and too much to read but I will quote from the original message:

    "Oh... the reason for going to WIndows 8? Easy. His Windows 7 laptop had been degrading for months and it was time to get a new machine, that came with Windows 8."

    Let me explain it further since it was incomplete. No, no one forced the old man to go with Windows 8. Unless one considers his Windows 7 OS and hardware were both crapping out. I will say 90% Win7 was crapping out and 10% hardware, tho I have plugged in a USB Linux boot drive to run a system check and the hardware was essentially fine.

    So no, the gent was not forced into Win 8. Unless one factors in Windows 7 broke down over time which was in my world, expected. I have also as stated in my original post reverted him back to Win 7. So no, no one held a gun to his head. It just turned into a long, drug out exposure that started out with a novel entry into a NEW MACHINE with a NEW OS and ended in what I have come to expect from WIndows which was a crummy experience, a ton of wasted time... IOW nothing new when dealing with Windows.

    Yes, I am whining. I never whine, except when it comes to Windows. Which is why I wrote the OP and warned as such.

    tx for replying.
  4. johnnyb105 said:
    I think he said the new machine came with windows 8.

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    Hey folks, there is no rational response to my whining rant. I just had to rant somewhere. After 2 weeks of fussing with this machine, and 30 years of neverending experience with Windows, almost all bad, I had to cut loose.

    Having created installs for 3000 servers globally and managed security for a MIS dept, have had my share of experience with every manner of OSes. It has never failed to dazzle me how Windows can continue to make such mediocre to miserable OSes, applications, and get away with it. The amount of lost productivity in my domain is staggering when it comes to Windows vs other OSes.

    I will get off this topic shortly. I am just mad as hell this eve after what this poor 86 year old bloke who DOESN'T deserve this has gone through. It has been a culmination of years of junk from MS.

    PS, the 3000 serves were *nix/Linux based and ran flawlessly. Have installed many server and desktop Linux systems. Have created massive training environments for both Linux and Windows... so I have not just the deep experience but have earned the right to WHINE. I hate Windows. It pure logic code it is crap. I wish to hell IBM had picked CPM back in the day.
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