First time building a pc and I'm unsure of some of the parts.

Ok, so I'm looking at building my very first gaming computer, I want it to be about $800 and I'm unsure of some parts, I'm looking at a CPU around $100 and a GPU around $200, I'm really trying to get the best bang for my buck, I know for sure I want a Phantom 410 case, 1TB hdd and 120/128GB ssd and 8gb 1600 Ram, I'm unsure of mobo as they vary in price and I'm not sure what makes one good and what makes one bad... thanks for the help in advance, I am very new to the PC building world although I know many of the terms and I'm fairly good with technology on a whole
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    Hi & Welcome to Toms

    Have a look at,3617.html
    its got some great reccomendations on hardware for a machine at around the $650 mark

    Have a look at adding a SSD or using the CPU, RAM & Motherboard from the $1300 build.
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