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I am currently running stock heat sync and cooling with my 4670k. I overclocked it to 4.0 without upping the voltage and it's running smooth. Idle temps are at 30-35 and the temps under load are anywhere from 55-60. Does this sound like good temps? I am getting the Corsair H100i soon, and I will OC to 4.4 and up the voltage, but until then I'm hoping this is sufficient.
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  1. those temps are fine
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    you're good till the temps get up around 85C... the cpu actually temp throttles at 90C; and it will do it without telling you. a number of the early reviewers of the haswell actually had temp throttling cpus and thought they had achieved high overclocks... when in reality the cpu was throttling down because of heat and they didn't notice it.
  3. I'm new to the Overlcocking world. My buddy has the same processor and told me that it was acceptable to just increase the clock speed to 4.0 without adjusting the voltage. He explained to me that when I get my liquid cooling system that I can up it to 4.4 and increase the voltage. Does this sound accurate? Sorry for another quesiton!
  4. doesnt sound unreasonable. doesnt hurt to try
  5. Thanks guys!
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