Zalman Z11 plus Case fan shorting?


I have just installed all of my components into a Zalman Z11 case everything worked perfectly before the transfer.

On trying to power the system up the power LED came on and fans spun for less than a second then the power went off. I have isolated the problem as happening when the rear case fan is connected it also could be the two side fans but i don't want to risk connecting them again. All of these fans are connected using 4 pin molex connectors with side leads coming from the connector allowing another molex device to be connceted. I don't have any other device connected to the molex just straight from the psu to the fan.

My network adapter has stopped working as a result of this so I'm assuming that the fan has caused a short circuit which has damaged the network adapter.
I don't know what to do next as I would like to have the fans connected but i don't want to risk doing any more damage.
Could I possibly be connecting it wrong? Is there any way of testing for a short circuit without doing any more damage? or is it most likely a faulty fan in which case i should try and get a replacement from Zalman. I doubt they will replace my damaged motherboard though.

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  1. Disconnect all PSU cables from all components. Take PSU out of the case. Leave it for a night. Then try again. First only motherboard and HDD. Then add other stuff.
  2. Never mind I made a very stupid mistake it was a PCI express power cable connected to the fan not a standard molex power cable.
    Apologies for wasting your time. This can be closed now
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