The dns server isnt responding

I helped my friend build a new windows 8 pc recently. After doing so and connecting my internet to his new windows 8.1 pc and then eventually returning it to my pc. My pc refuses to connect to the Internet. Its keeps saying

The DNS server isn't responding.

Now ive tried the following.
Power cycle
Reset winsock
Reset ipv4
Reset ipv6
Flush dns cache
Reset pc method
And im still not able to connect to the Internet. All my ip addresses and dns numbers that should be there are just gone.
This only happened since connecting the new pc to my internet. But I had both on the same network at the same time at one point.
Again. My wireless works fine.
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  1. Try google DNS, configure these on your computer and then router as a test.
  2. But im sure that was never the numbers that were there
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