is it possible to move the OS only to ssd?

Well guys im going to get an ssd for xmas .its a 120gb and i just want to put the os,bf4 and few programs.I really dont want to dowwnload all my games from steam and origin so is this possible
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  1. Sorry, but its not. However, if you can get your drive down to less than 100 gig or so by sving all your files ti another drive, you csn then simply clone your old drive the ssd, and after it is up and running, you can continue to move things where you want them afterwards. Not perfect I know. But saves starting over from a fresh windows install.
  2. ok thanks
  3. packer28 said:
    ok thanks

    Just make sure you create a bootloader on that disk, otherwise it will boot the old one.
  4. if you go to the manufacturer's website of the Drive you bought it will have cloning software that will take care of the bootloader and all that for you don't have to worry about it
  5. thanks guys looking at reviews might save up for Samsung 840 Series Pro 256GB based on reviews
  6. I like my Samsung 840pro. Definite big improvement over my WD Black. Very big.
  7. you should be able to put a few games and windows on a 120gig ssd as well ... just remember it'll be less than 120gig ... my 120gb kingston hyperx 3k
    has available 111GB out of the box (system reserve) but to make sure it performs well i made another 10% free after partition.
    uninstall all that's not necessary, run disk cleanup - then run it again and go into clean up system files - sometimes you can gain a few gigabytes of data there.. defragment the HDD (do not ever defragments ssd's / windows 8 runs trim instead of defragment on ssd's so it's ok)
    amd you should be able to get this done
    my windows 8 pro with a few documents and Far cry 2 + far cry 3 & minecraft installed weighs only 50GB
    if you ever done a windows upgrade/repair installation system files will weigh alot since it keeps the previous windows installation saved somwhere...
    -also if you've had alot of BSOD's windows tends to store the memory dump files somwhere - it takes your entire ram contents and drops it into a file every time - they can take as much space as your ram usage, on windows 7 i cleaned them with disk cleanup on windows 8 i can't seem to find them... i think win8 handles them in some other way
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