Built-in Marvell network adapter not working, need advice

A few days ago there was a storm where I live and it seems to have broken the network adapter in my mobo. It's a Marvell Yukon Gigabit ethernet. I believe these are built in to a lot of Asus mobos, including mine. As the adapter is fried I haven't been able to get online on my main PC. There are no lights on the ethernet port and the adapter is not detected in BIOS or device manager. It was working fine before the storm so I think that is what caused it. I searched around and read some stuff about an ethernet short. The PC and equipment are attached to a surge protector which I thought protects against stuff like this happening. I also read that it's somewhat unusual for network adapters to fail. None of my other components seem to have been damaged. I was wondering what I need to buy to replace the Marvell adaptor? I don't think it's replaceable directly as it's directly built in to the motherboard. I think I need a network card but I'm not sure exactly what to get. I just want something with an ethernet port that will do the same thing as the Marvell adaptor. Luckily I can get still get online with my laptop using wifi. Never had this issue before and I would like to fix it and also prevent it happening again if possible. It wasn't even a major storm. I only saw one white flash outside but that was enough to break the adaptor it seems. Thanks for any advice guys
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  1. I've run into this a couple times this year due to lightening strikes and unfortunately a UPS or suppressor will not protect against all of them as there is just too much energy. Interesting that in both cases the only damage to the computer was the Ethernet port, although some TVs and other stuff got cooked.

    I just added a PCIe board -- THIS highly reliable Intel model.
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