How many times can I download this game?

Ok if I buy this game and activate it through steam then can I re download load this like any other steam game.

Sorry just got into the PC gaming world its all new to me
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  1. no limit on how many times u can download a steam game
  2. You can install it as many times as you want on any computer , but Once you install it on someone else's PC , they would not be able to play it without logging in to the Steam Account used to Install the game. Only 1 person can log in into 1 account at a time
  3. ok so even if i buy it of newegg it is the same as buying from steam as long as i use steam to activate it right?
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    if it activates on steam, then it is a steam game. no different than buying it from steam
  5. ok cool thank you guys for your help
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