Best and Safest way to ship a computer across country?

I'm from NY and I'm moving to a job in TX... I have never had to ship a computer before so I don't really know how to approach this. I just spent a lot of money upgrading this computer so I don't want to take any risks! How about would you guys ship a full tower computer and two monitors? I should note I have a h80i cpu cooler if that helps any.
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  1. If you had a heavy air cooler I would say dismount it but with the h80i you should be fine just pack it well.
  2. Thanks Rolli, I am tempted to use UPS and have them help pack it... I have the original boxes but the thing is, I don't want to dissemble my h80i... It's pretty much stuck in there. Do I take my PSU out too? What's the best delivery service? in terms of not destroying my computer lol.
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    Well UPS is fine but you hear horror stories ones in a while. Really the only concern would have been a heavy air cooler so I do nit think you need to dismantle anything.
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