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Hi, I recently purchased an old laptop for really cheap, but it does not have a built in wireless card. I bought a Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA card and placed it into the slot. Windows XP automatically detects the device and installs it. The lights on the PC Card come on and flash as if they are trying to connect to a network.

If I open up the network connections panel, no wireless networks show up. My other newer laptop has no trouble accessing the network from the same spot (with about 90% connectivity range). The adapter shows up in the adapters panel. I have not installed any of Cisco's drivers because I could not find them listed anywhere.

Is this a problem with the card itself, some configuration settings I'm missing, or something else I'm not thinking of?
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  1. Those are very old. Wireless b only and 2.4 ghz only. Make sure you wireless is transmitting wireless b. and not 5 ghz only.
  2. I'm on a university network so I'm unable to make any changes to the network. I did have a small a/b/g/n USB adapter that was working, but I wanted the PCMCIA card since I thought it would be better not sticking out the side. I may just use up the only USB port with the nano adapter and buy a USB PCMCIA card instead. Newer drivers did not help.
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    try to have that aironet refund and get yourself a usb hub something like this so you will be able to use the wi-fi dongle and the usb port .
  4. I'm thinking about simply getting this:

    I already have this that works, but I need to get it exchanged for a new one:
  5. check if your laptop is slot 11 for the pcmcia that should work for the other i got a similar on made by asus and run 135 mb on the network .
  6. I'm not really sure what that means. The laptop is a Dell PP01L though.
  7. that will work see page 106 and 107 there is also a mini pci wireless card in see the link
  8. Quote:
    Emplacement de carte Mini PCI Type IIIA
    avec prise en charge de la technologie sans fil
    WiFi (802.11b)

    It seems to have a mini PCI card already in the slot, would it affect the ethernet controllers to remove the NIC that's already in there? I'm very unfamiliar with older hardware.
  9. you could leave her in she only work on b network just dont able her if you dont need .
  10. Oh alright. I think I'll go with the USB method since the nano adapter has support for the four main network protocols. Thanks for the help.
  11. your welcome .
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