Computer Freezes for 1-3 seconds when trying to open 2nd hard disk

Hello there,
im having some issues with my home-built pc. The first days everything seemed to be ok with the computer, until some day later when i was trying to open my 2nd hard disk the computer froze for some seconds with a noise coming out of the target hard disk. I tried many times to re-install windows 7 but everytime with no luck. The problem persisted. I am using the computer with this issue now (like 1 year later) and i also noticed during this period that the problem shows up even when im trying to download a torrent on it. The big deal on this is that when i am trying to play some games like Bf3, Skyrim i am also getting BSODs. To be honest i think that problem is caused by the GPU since when i downclock her CPU clock from 1100 to 1000 im not having that issue so often. Anyway i would like to hear an opinion from an expert for all this.
I thank you in advance.
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  1. Thanks for the reply.It says status good. Allthough on the system disk it says good 100% Do i have to do anything else with this program?
  2. So both drives seems perfectly ok. No there is nothing to do with that program, I just wanted to make sure about the drive's status.

    You can run CHKDSK from CMD on both drives, it helps to repair file system errors.

    And what is the situation now ? What are the exact problems you are having ?
  3. I am getting often the computer freezing for like 1-3 seconds and then it starts again normaly. When it freezes using a program installed on that drive like a torrent downloader even on mozilla/chrome that i have installed on that drive, the computer freezes much longer for like 20-30 seconds. Its not a critical issue but its a bit annoying. Also i am experiencing some faults on windows boot. The computer fails to start need to be shuted down by powering it off and on the next boot i have to execute the windows start repair. Also once it asked me to restore the system, i did that with the result of lost downloaded content found on the drive i am asking for.
  4. What you are saying lead me to think that the OS got corrupted, so backup your important data, and do a clean install of OS.

    And unplug any other drive when installing OS.
  5. I did that a lot of times but it didnt help. Runned check disk from cmd it said no errors detected. Anyway i think i found a bizzare solution i thought. I splitted the drive in 2 partitions then used killdisk on both. Then a fresh installed windows on the main drive. Since now everything seems to work perfectly. I would have one last question. Time ago my 2 computers and all my flash drives/hard disks were infected of a virus/worm (can't remember what precicly) that was creating shortcuts for every single folder in my system. I got rid of that somehow searching on the community, the question is. Is it possible that the worm left traces on that drive corupting it somehow?
  6. If you did a clean install after the virus attack then there is no chance of leftovers.
  7. Thank you for your time
  8. You are welcome.
  9. This just sounds like power saving features. Go into the Power Options in your control panel, and look at the advanced settings for your power configuration. The top option should be for Hard Drive, and there could be a time limit set for it to put the hard drive to sleep if it is not in use. Set this to zero so that it never puts the hard drive to sleep.
  10. I agree but some drive, like WD green drives, ignore this setting and power down when they want to. Might this be a Green drive giving you this problem?
  11. Yes the Drive is Green as i mentioned above. So it will be like a drive malfunction? I will also try to setup the power saving features as you said choucove thanks
  12. If it is a low power drive like the WD Green, then most likely as Popatim has said there's nothing you can do to fix it. A low power and low RPM drive is not really ideal for more than storing a few small files on for random access. Having it run applications or storing cache files is not ideal as that's not how the drive will perform best.
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    As mentioned, green drives ignore the OS's Power setting. Their have a firmware that powers them down after x amount of inactivity.
  14. Ok then thanks a lot guys it has to be it :) At least im glad to have an opinion from someone more expert than me!
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