USB External Hard drive (WDPassport) Recovery - Freezing Win7/explorer when plugged in and crashing recuva

Hi, I read through the FAQ and some older posts, but they have not addressed my particular issue.

Backstory: I had my external hard drive (USB WD Passport) connected to my computer at work while the virus scanner was running. The virus scanner froze up at some point while scanning my drive. I discovered this as the scanning was on the fourth hour and saw that it was currently in my external hard drive directory, rather than my local drive. An error showed up in the icon task tray and I ended up restarting my computer. Didn't plug my hard drive back in, and though nothing of it until I got home and tried to back up my home PC.

Problem: Seems likely that the partition table got friend some how. When I plug the drive into my Win7 PC, a message comes up after some time that asks if I want to format the drive. It does not show up in windows explorer. In my WinXP computer, the drive shows up as 0, but it does show up. The format message does not pop up.

'Solutions' tried:
1. I have tried using Recuva on both Win7 and WinXP computer. On Win7, if I connect my hard drive PRIOR to opening Recuva, Recuva will NOT open. If I open Recuva prior to connecting the drive, the drive never shows up in the drop down selection for the hard drive to recover. On WinXP, I can open Recuva and it shows the drive in the drop down selection menu with it connected. However, when I then select 'scan' or whatever (after going into options and checking 'deep scan', and the sort by folder option), Recuva crashes.

2. I have tried using Mini-Tool Power Data Recovery on the WinXP computer. When I select the option for repairing the partition table OR the repair quick format options, the program crashes.

I'm at a loss as to moving forward with this drive. It did not experience any shocks and so I suspect it is the partition table that got damaged during the virus scan. Do I perform a quick format with the Win7 computer and then attempt to use Recuva? How would you guys recommend proceeding? Has anyone experienced anything like this? My Google searches on the topic have not been fruitful.

Thank you!

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  1. Is it under warranty (ex HDD) ? If not, try another USB cable, or try to open the casing by opening/breaking it, and plug the drive directly to the MB. See what happens.
  2. Drive is no longer under warranty. It's a couple years old.

    I'd rather not break the drive to recover some data. The drive (functional) is worth more than the data to me, at this point in time. There's only a few files on there that I'd like to recover, if I'm able to.

    With that said, my key question is really: should I attempt a quick format and then try recovery? Seems this is not a common problem.

    Thanks for the recommendation.
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    I didn't told you to break the DRIVE, just told you to open or break the casing/case/enclosure/caddy to release the drive from there. So you could mount it on a desktop system to recover files.

    The USB circuit or the cables might be faulty, so not reading the drive by OS.

    And if you do a quick format the chances will decrease rather than increase to recover data. If the drive reads by any OS or system then try to run CHKDSK from CMD, it will help to repair file system error's.

    And use this program to check the drives status :
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