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I am planning to build a computer and i need your help with motherboards.
I am going to buy a fx 6300 cpu and i'm wondering would it work with this mother board'
i looked to the cpu that is supported to this motherboard and it was there but what i did not understood is that it needs bios version 1006.
Ok here comes my question, how would i know which version of bios does the motherboard come with?? and if it was older than this version then i need to update it but then i am not going to be able to do it because the cpu is not supported and i cant open bios.
Can someone explaine this for me?
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  1. If you're buying a new model it should come with the latest BIOS on it. This is probably what will happen. If it's not listed on the page you can contact customer support and they will be able to tell you what BIOS the board ships with.
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