AMD vs Nvidia for Video Editing/Gaming OpenCL vs CUDA

I know youve probably seen this topic before but its not your usual AMD vs Nvidia fanboyism.

Im in a pretty huge pickle on what GPU i want to get for my rig. Heres what ill be doing.

Playing a lot of games, RECORDING those games and doing a lot of video editing. Now. This leads me to a topic which im not really too familiar with, and that is OpenCL vs Cuda.

The programs i use are After Effects CS6, Sony Vegas and 3DS max. In that order. AE mostly.

I know that in Vegas & Photoshop, which i would like to get into, OpenCL just destroys cuda, however in video editing its a different story. Then i hear things like CUDA is dying and OpenCL is the future and yadyada.

On the gaming side of things, if i were to go AMD, i would probably be going with the r9 290 (non x) when the non reference coolers come out, and hopefully itll get bundled with BF4 which i desperately want. If i go with Nvidia, i would go with a GTX 770, either Galaxy HOF or Gigabyte edition. Now Nvidia has Shadowplay, which i desperately want since i record 99% of the time. 60FPS 1080p, extremely small file sizes. Im talking 3GB for a 10 min vid.

Should i go with AMD for the better FPS, OpenCL, but then have to get a crappier software for recording other than shadowplay (im thinking mirillis action)

Or should i go with Nvidia for CUDA, Shadowplay, and i think 2 free games atm, and thats basically it..

This is the rest of my system if youre wondering.

i7 3770k
Asrock z77 Extreme4 Mobo
3TB Seagate
XFX 750w PSU

The reason i ask is because i mostly do video editing, and thats where cuda "excels" at. But in the future people are saying OpenCL is going to take over and i was hoping you guys would know more about that than i could
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  1. I always think ATI have the edge over nVidia in the video/photography department.
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