MSI Twin Frozr III 3GB HD Radeon 7970/OC Boost Edition - Driver install problems

Okay, so.

I bought this card a few days ago from scan.
I wiped all the previous drivers off of my computer with driver sweeper, for I was using an nvidia gtx 550 ti before.
Put the new card in, go to install the latest driver from the amd website and the screen just goes blank midway through installing the driver. I then have to reboot the pc and I get the windows loading screen but then it goes blank after, I can't do anything apart from put my old 550 ti back in to be able to view anything.
I also have 2 thick lines going down my screen with what looks to be writing or lines of some sort when I don't have any display drivers installed whatsoever with the 7970 in my pc.

System specs:
Win 8.1
Asus Sabertooth 990fx with 1903 BIOS
AMD FX-8350 Eight core processor.
OCZ Agility 120GB SSD (Primary)
Corsair CG600 PSU

I'm pretty sure everything is up to date to be able to run the amd drivers, however I don't know if it's my card being defective when installing the drivers. However it runs fine in safe mode.

I rang up scan and told them everything, and they want to take the card back to test it, however I wanted to consult you users of the interwebz to be able to see if I can find a solution before they take it back.

Please help!
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  1. It's a MSI, their products have sucked lately. RMA under the 28 days sales of goods act and request a different manufacturer or refund.
  2. Yeah I thought so, I've got the RMA number, however they plan to send me another, I was going to just ask for a refund and wait for pay day to get a GTX 770 or something.
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