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Hi guys, I'm having an issue with my computer, I hope you can help. I am finding my pc loses the connection to the display sometimes when I game, usually WoW or FM14. I read on another forum post (http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/258383-29-computer-cuts-power-monitor#.) that it may be due to overheating GPU, so I check the temperature using FurMark and I'm getting a temp of over 60 degrees. From what I've read this is on the high side. On idle I am only at 26 degrees and it doesn't fluctuate.
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  1. check the cable and what kind of air flow do you have in this case .
  2. I believe my airflow to be good, I am using a HAF case and have 2 inlet fans into and 2 outlet fans out the case. As for the cable, i've already checked that (:
  3. check if the fan speed up under load on the gpu and that there is nothing in it also when was the last time you dust off the system .
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